Fireplace Remodeling Ideas You’ll Enjoy

From the perspective of an artist, the darkest place in a room is what generally attracts the eyes the most. And the fireplace tends to be the darkest when it is unlit. A nicely decorated fireplace completely changes the look and ambiance of a room.

fireplace remodeling

Where an old and rusty fireplace may make a room look dull and unhappy, a freshly designed and modeled fireplace can leave it looking vibrant and fashionable.

If you are looking to remodel your fireplace to turn it all around, here are some of the best fireplace remodeling ideas for you to consider:

Popping it with Paint

Many people think that giving a paint job to the wall of the fireplace can make a big change. Instead of suffering with dull, subtle colors, make your fireplace pop with a splash of bright and bold coloration.

Marble for the Win

While it may go well with traditional looking houses, brick has gone mostly out of the equation with the newer ones. So what do you replace the brick with? Patterned and solid marble tiles have become a very popular choice for people looking to remodel their fireplaces.

Decorate the outer boundary of the mouth of the fireplace or let it span the entire length and width of the wall. A bit of tile complementary to the scheme of the rest of the house will only serve to enhance its charm and appeal.

Go For Stone

Stones such as limestone have become accessible and stylish options when it comes to house decoration and modeling. You can either opt for a stone fireplace or a stone wall, complemented by an eggshell finish brick fireplace or a wooden one for contrast.

Add Bookcases

Many people face the problem of having the wall of their fireplace look bare and empty. You can give it purpose by adding cabinets, shelves, or book cases.

Arrange them in an orderly manner as such that they surround the fireplace and complement it. You can now use it to display your books, pictures, and other collections.

Experiment with the Mantle

The mantle above the fireplace can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your living room. You can experiment with it in multiple ways, by changing its material, its positions, and its style.

Floating mantles are particularly in right now, placed a little ways above the fireplace while many are also opting to substitute wooden or brick ones with shiny metal ones to add a little spice.

With a little experimentation and innovation with your fireplace, you can completely transform the look of your living room. Adding in a few extra elements, you can make your fireplace look modern, stylish, and up with the times.